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Helping Your Family Build a Better Tomorrow

Kimberly T. Walker Law Office, P.A.

Helping Your Family Build a Better Tomorrow


A Divorce Lawyer You Can Count on in St. Louis Park, Minnesota

At Kimberly T. Walker Law Office in St. Louis Park, we understand that divorce can be a tough process both emotionally and financially. We believe the role of a good divorce attorney is not only to provide sound legal counsel, but also to be there for our clients throughout the entire process. We truly care about our clients and will help you make the best of anything your divorce brings.

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We’re There for You Before, During and After Your Divorce

At Kimberly T. Walker Law Office, we work hard to understand the goals and concerns of our clients and craft solutions that will benefit their quality of life after a divorce. No matter how bad things may seem in the midst of a divorce, we will always be there to help things turn out for the best.

We work closely with clients from beginning to end, helping them with all aspects of divorce such as:

Advice You Can Count on from an Experienced Divorce Attorney

Attorney Kimberly T. Walker has more than a decade helping men and women protect their interests in divorce. We promote amicable solutions for clients seeking divorce, but we are always prepared to go the distance to protect our clients’ interests.

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