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Helping Your Family Build a Better Tomorrow

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Helping Your Family Build a Better Tomorrow


Experienced Twin Cities Metro Mediation Lawyer

At Kimberly T. Walker Law Office in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, we believe in using every tool in the toolbox to resolve a divorce amicably. One of those tools, mediation, is a process that uses a third-party to help you and your spouse negotiate a workable resolution to your family law issues. This process is typically less emotionally damaging and often saves time and money for both sides.

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Mediation: An Alternative to a Messy Divorce

Our firm believes that mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution can help facilitate a better relationship with your spouse. This is especially important in cases involving children. When issues can be resolved without litigation, it often leads to a better relationship, which is important when making parenting decisions about your children in the future.

In almost all cases, mediation is a less expensive option than settling a divorce through a contentious trial. In a world where time is money, mediation is also typically a more efficient way of settling difficult family law issues.

Is Mediation Right for Your Situation?

Mediation can only be effective if both spouses are honest and fully disclose all relevant information and documents to ensure a fair and informed agreement. If you cannot trust your spouse to negotiate in good faith, mediation may not be the best option for you.

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